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​Adoption Information

Pet puppies are sold with the understanding that one is purchasing a dog that will probably look like no other pet dachshund that they have ever seen.  

Baldox Dachshund puppies are very distinct from your average dachshund because our dachshunds meet the AKC standard.   Sometimes certain puppies are deemed non show and for that reason are placed in loving pet homes with a spay/neuter contract, it does not mean there is something wrong with them.

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Tips On
How To
Care For Your New Puppy

Rule of  Three

*  3 days for your puppy / dog to get used to you

*  3 weeks for them to get to know your routine

*  3 months and they are comfortable in their           new home

Our Process .... 

* After an application is submitted I will call you on the phone to have a conversation so you know I am a REAL person! There are so many scammers out there people need to do their due diligence on researching breeders before handing over money. 

* I do not take deposits. Money is only exchanged in person at the time of meeting up - unless you have requested transportation from my flight nanny. That will be discussed in full length on the phone. 

We breed entirely for the future of my breeding program to better the breed. This means we reserve the right to keep any puppies from the litter that we choose for our own, and priority is also given to show homes for show quality puppies.  The puppies will be evaluated for conformation at 10, and 12 weeks.  Once we make our "pick or picks" (usually around 12 weeks), any remaining puppies will be ready to go to their homes.  

We do not take individual pics until they are 10 weeks old. Since we do not know what puppies are staying or what ones are available as pets we do not want to get anyone's hopes up therefore we wait until they are at least 10 weeks of age.  We will take pictures at 10 & 12 weeks of age. 

01    Puppy Pick up / Shipping / Visitation

Due to INSURANCE, MY SAFETY and other LEGAL considerations, there are absolutely NO outside visitors or puppy pick ups at my home.  A meeting location will be given to you. I do not ship puppies in cargo, you must pick up your own puppy.  I am willing to meet you at a nearby airport for you to fly in and pick up your puppy or I can offer my flight nanny service.  If you would like references I am more than happy to oblige.
Below are 2 articles where dog breeders have been murdered. The world we live in is not safe anymore. Baldox does not take a chance on our family lives.
Puppy Pickup
Puppy Application Required

A puppy application is required to be filled out & submitted.
1. Fill out the application located on the application tab - submit application
2. Wait until I respond back to you by email or phone
All pet puppies sold as PETS will NOT be registered. If you would like AKC papers we will need to discuss this in more detail. Puppies come with a one year health guarantee. All puppies have the required vaccinations and deworming before they are placed in their new home. It is the new owners responsibility to continue the worming and shot schedule recommended by their local vet.

We do not take deposits. Cash or Zelle is accepted for payment. NO  Cash Apps accepted! 
1. Cash is due at time of pickup in person upon meeting us as the breeder
2. Zelle is only accepted if you live outside the state & have our flight nanny bring the puppy to you. Zelle must be received prior to the puppy(s) flying and clear before the puppy leaves the breeders hand.
Waiting Lists
04   Waiting Lists

Only on occasion will I take applications for a waiting list.  Puppies are a first come first serve basis when they are posted.
Shipping Preferences
​05  Preferences

We do not ship any of our puppies or dogs in cargo.  You must meet us in person and pick them up or they will be flown to you by our flight nanny. 

06  No Exceptions


Y​ou can take your puppy home at the age between 10 - 12 weeks old - no sooner - sorry no exceptions. 
No Exceptions
Puppy Packet

07  Puppy Packet

Puppies will leave here with a puppy packet that includes: up to date shots, de-wormed, sample of puppy food, 1 year health guarantee, health record,  & lifetime advice from the breeder. 
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