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Pet puppies are sold with the understanding that one is purchasing a dog that

will probably look like no other pet dachshund that they have ever seen.  

Baldox Dachshund puppies are very distinct from your average dachshund because our dachshunds meet the AKC standard.  We pride ourselves on selecting & producing happy, healthy, wonderful tempered dachshunds.

Sometimes certain puppies are deemed non show and for that reason are placed in loving pet homes with a spay/neuter contract, it does not mean there is something wrong with them.

Our Dachshunds weight ranges from 8lbs up to 15lbs

We do NOT guarantee weight

A dachshund typically lives between 13-16 years.  You are purchasing a family member to be a companion for it’s entire life.  Because of the time and money I put into raising quality dogs I am FIRM on my prices.  A good breeder does not make a profit from raising and selling their dogs. 

In fact, good breeders rarely break even. 

We DO NOT SHIP any pet puppy's or older dogs in cargo we are willing to meet you at the airport to get your puppy or have our flight nanny fly the puppy. 

                                                "Puppies are Raised with Modified Puppy Culture"

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** A Puppy Application is Required **

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