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Available Puppies & Adults

First steps of our process .... 

* After an application is submitted I will call you on the phone to have a conversation so you know I am a REAL person! There are so many scammers out there people need to do their due diligence on researching breeders before handing over money. 

* No deposits are taken. Money is only exchanged in person at the time of meeting up - unless you have requested transportation from my flight nanny. That will be discussed in full length on the phone. 

We DO NOT SHIP any pet puppy's or older dogs in cargo we are willing to meet you at the airport to get your puppy or have our flight nanny fly the puppy. 

Pet puppies are sold with the understanding that one is purchasing a dog that

will probably look like no other pet dachshund that they have ever seen.  

Baldox Dachshund puppies are very distinct from your average dachshund because our dachshunds meet the AKC standard.  We pride ourselves on selecting & producing happy, healthy, wonderful tempered dachshunds.Sometimes certain puppies are deemed non show and for that reason are placed in loving pet homes with a spay/neuter contract, it does not mean there is something wrong with them.

Our Dachshunds weight ranges from 8lbs up to 15lbs

We do NOT guarantee weight

A dachshund typically lives between 13-16 years.  You are purchasing a family member to be a companion for it’s entire life.  Because of the time and money I put into raising quality dogs I am FIRM on my prices.  A good breeder does not make a profit from raising and selling their dogs. 

In fact, good breeders rarely break even. 

                        "Puppies are Raised with Modified Puppy Culture"

I raise my puppies using a modified "Puppy Culture" method includes the start of potty training, some obedience, and introduction to daily inside & outside household noises. 

When they go home to their new family they will have their age appropriate shots, de-wormed, 1 yr health guarantee. Pet Puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract. Parents are registered through AKC and have Champion Bloodlines in the pedigree. 

All our pups are raised in our home under foot, where they can hear the daily duties of our everyday lives. They are born in our whelping box in my home. They start to learn to potty in a box outside of their sleeping area and know how to eat and drink from a bowl. They begin their transformation before they go to their new forever homes. As they age they are introduced to toys and other age related items. I also have them follow me around and hold, kiss and love on them to start the bonding process.


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** A Puppy Application is Required 


Read our process prior to contacting us.

No puppies available at this time

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